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What We Do

ENGAGE HEALTH is a membership-based primary care practice that is patient-centered so we can provide each of our members the highest quality care, without compromise, to help them live better, longer.


TIME: We create the space for you to be heard, understood, unhurried, and cared for thoroughly by your doctor.

AVAILABILITY: You have direct and prompt communication with our team. You are seen by your doctor in person or via telehealth, phone, or text–every visit, every call, every time.

INSIGHT: Through more time and focused attention on you, as well as with more individualized testing and thorough assessment, we can better understand your needs and more accurately advise you.

PROMPT ATTENTION: Same- or next-day office or virtual visits are always available with your doctor so you can address pressing medical issues quickly and gain peace of mind.

SAVINGS: Our membership model often leads to savings over time by eliminating unnecessary urgent care visits, ER visits, specialty care, and medications.