A Letter to My Current & Future Patients

I love what I get to do each day. I have so many great memories and experiences with many of you and value greatly my role as your physician and the relationship we share. Over the years, however, I have become increasingly aware of forces that inherently erode the effectiveness of my patient relationships and the ability to maximize care. Limited time with patients, a volume-driven model, insurance constraints, and limited reimbursement are but a few of these. Therefore, I have decided to address these limitations.

I am excited to share that I have opened a new concierge-style primary care practice in Brentwood and I invite you to join me in this move.

Engage Health is now open!

We are located at 5109 Peter Taylor Park Drive, Brentwood

Why make a change?

This new practice model allows me to provide the best level of care to each of my patients. First, it allows me to maximize time with each of you — a critical ingredient in correctly hearing and understanding and considering your health needs. Secondly, we will be able to do more thorough testing and evaluation without the limitations of insurance-driven and time-driven constraints. In addition, I will be utilizing a collaborative team approach to enhance your depth of care and improve outcomes in all areas.

What does joining my new practice mean for you?

I have more time to engage with each of you as the whole person that you are, namely a physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational being. Limiting the size of my practice will allow you to enjoy many important benefits

Being available for you

  • Time: Time to be heard, understood, and cared for thoroughly.
  • Always your own doctor: Every visit. Every call. Every time.
  • Prompt medical attention: Avoid putting off medical issues that may need attention and may worsen without timely intervention.
  • Consideration: Same- or next-day office or virtual visits. On time, unhurried and relaxed.

Making it easy for you

  • Peace of mind: Sometimes a direct text, email, or phone chat with your trusted doctor is all you need.
  • Convenience: Easily reach us directly — no call centers.
  • Advocacy: Help with navigating your care in a complex health care system.
  • Home visits: As appropriate.

Giving you more

  • Health and Wellness: Emphasis on the root cause of illness, prevention, and lifestyle factors.
  • Comprehensive Yearly Evaluation: Beyond what is typically covered by insurance. Our more extensive time allows for deeper exploration of your overall history including personal history, genetic history, family history and psychosocial factors. Deeper assessments with lab, imaging, functional testing, and special testing will be available and used in an evidence-based manner to enhance the physical assessment.
  • Ongoing health support and communication: Throughout the year and with follow-up visits we will have time for a greater focus on your health, wellness, and lifestyle habit change — with strategies to empower you toward optimized and lasting health.
  • Unique access to our collaborative team: Our carefully selected fitness, nutrition, mental health, and health coaching specialists are available to help complete the support around your care and better meet your goals.
  • Savings: Save time and expense of unnecessary urgent care visits, hospitalization, and medications.

By using such a model, it has been shown patients have fewer hospitalizations, less need for specialist referrals, and require less medication, while feeling more in control of their own health. I am confident my new practice will redefine your expectations for medical care!

How to join Engage Health

Our practice is filling quickly, so please inform us as soon as possible to ensure your place. Couples and family discounts are available, and our program is designed to be eligible for HSA, HRA or FSA funds.

Membership is not an insurance plan, so you will use your health insurance coverage just as you always have.

Are you ready to join our practice?

Fantastic! Here are the easy ways to join:

We are also happy to talk with you and answer your questions or help you enroll.


Dr. Steve Johnson