We Believe


  1. Every member is a physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational person. These facets are inseparable and each impacts the others.
  2. Every member has a unique story — and a good doctor understands the significance of story in how they care for their patients.
  3. Ample time is available to every member. Patients require intentional time with their doctor to receive the highest level of care.
  4. Members will participate in a doctor-patient relationship built on trust, experience, and engagement.
  5. Lifestyle choices and habits will be a focus for members, as they play a major role in the health of each patient. When lifestyle choices and habits are understood and reoriented through education and coaching, they can lead to powerful health changes.
  6. Collaborative Partners will engage members in the primary care model, focusing on nutrition, physical fitness, mental health, and health coaching. Working with a coordinated Collaborative care team will facilitate a deeper level of assessment and improvement in the health of our patients.
  7. Engage Health members will enjoy a primary care model where barriers have been removed. Prevalent, traditional primary care models are constrained by insurance companies, limiting the amount of time physicians can spend with patients, and the resources available to them. Engage Health members will have access to a full breadth of evidence-based assessments, evaluations and treatments, leading to better results.
  8. Members deserve a healthcare advocate. At Engage health, we believe your personal physician is the best one to help navigate a very complicated healthcare system.